Germany & Austria get Blu-ray release of ‘Found’!


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German Blu-ray art

Found makes it’s world debut on the Blu-ray format in Germany and Austria this April, when Meteor Film releases the movie in Germany and teams with Illusions Unlimited for a 2-Disc Uncut Limited Collector’s Edition available only in Austria! Meteor Film is also releasing the film on DVD, with both formats containing the original English language track as well as a German-language dub.

Note: The German edition is censored, missing three minutes of material from the uncut version. The Austrian release is the original, uncut version of the film (the same version released in North America).

Special features on the German release include the 30-minute documentary ‘The Making of Found,’ the Deep Dwellers short film, outtakes, and trailers. The Austrian limited edition comes in a digibook format containing both the DVD and the Blu-ray, with a 16-page booklet containing illustrations and an interview with director Scott Schirmer, as well as the original short film version of Headless, and multiple audio commentaries.

The Austrian edition is available in two different covers, one featuring Steve and one featuring the Headless Killer — each limited to just 1,333 copies.

Learn more about the differences between the North American and Austrian releases (both uncut!) here:

The German cover art is show above; below is the front and back to the Austrian 2-Disc edition.

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