Early Works

Full Moon Sonny (2005)

Two brothers lost in the woods must find their way home before night falls and one of them becomes a werewolf. (2005, 31 minutes)

Written, Produced, Directed, Photographed, and Edited by Scott Schirmer; Associate Producer: Jenn Handy; Makeup Effects by Arthur Cullipher; Music Composed and Performed by Greg Jacobs

Cast: John Quick, Cameron Butler, Lance Stacey, M.E. Handy, Christian Kelly, Carmine DePaulo

The Day Joe Left (2003)

Besieged by a shadowy figure that has controlled his life for many years, Joe embarks on a surreal night’s journey to confront his demons and prevent a future in which he becomes a murderer. (2003, 10 minutes)

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Written, Directed, and Edited by Scott Schirmer; Produced and Photographed by Dan Dixon; Associate Producers: Damien Wesner, Patrick Dixon; Makeup Effects by Arthur Cullipher; Music by Aaron Marshall

Cast: Nikolas Priest, Brad Fletcher, Lesley Dial, Jenna Brown, Cameron Butler

House of Hope (2002)

While traveling through the countryside, a young pregnant couple stumbles into the home of a frightened recluse who kidnaps and tortures them in an attempt to save their souls. Their only hope for survival is her young brother, a curious boy who has never seen the world beyond the House of Hope. (2002, 60 minutes)

Written, Directed, and Edited by Scott Schirmer; Produced by Jenn Handy; Director of Photography Matthew McDaniel; Makeup Effects by Arthur Cullipher; Associate Producers: Damien Wesner, Dan Dixon, Matthew McDaniel, R.E. Paris

Cast: Cassandra LePlant, Tyler Andrews, Nicole Bruce, Nathan Stanger, and Kirk Chastain

Off the Beaten Path (2002)

Lewis is a devout Christian who strives to lead a righteous life. Skeet is a militant queer hell-bent on pushing people’s buttons. Puff is an eighteen-year old Peter Pan on pot. When their friend Paul tries to end his life, they travel to visit him, embarking on a volatile journey that could bring them together or tear them apart. (2005, 63 minutes)

Written, Directed, Produced, Photographed & Edited by Scott Schirmer; Associate Producers: Jenn Handy and Damien Wesner; Music Supervisor: Sean Fear

Cast: Jayce Ryan, Tyler Andrews, Brad Fletcher, and Zach Frank

Three Animals One Stuffed (2001)

Three Animals One Stuffed is a short film about a one-night stand that quickly falls apart, transforming into an exploration of gendered expectations and the difference between sex and love. (2001, 32 minutes)

Download the movie in DivX AVI format.
(Courtesy of producer Dan Dixon)

Written and Directed by Scott Schirmer; Produced, Photographed, and Edited by Dan Dixon; Associate Producers: Jenn Handy, Erin Snyder, Nick Snyder; Music Composed & Performed by Denis Taaffe

Cast: Jayce Ryan, Lesley Dial

Boy in the Making (2000)

By sixth grade, Alexander has been alienated and outcast from his classmates. He and his friend Maggie help each other cope, but when another friend buckles under the pressure and brings a gun to school, their world will never be the same again. (2000, 42 minutes)

Download the movie in DivX AVI format.
(Courtesy of producer Dan Dixon)

Written and Directed by Scott Schirmer; Produced, Photographed, and Edited by Dan Dixon; Associate Producers Jenn Handy, Nathan Hunter, and Patrick Dixon; Music by Mischa Zupko

Cast: Nile Arena, Emily Lyon, Nicholas Abeel, Stuart McWhirter, Chris Curtis, Tyler Andrews, Julien Mason, Robert Wagner, John Morgan Pfeifer, Suzanne Gardner

DarWest (Unfinished; 1997-2000)

Visit the archival DarWest website.

Variations (1996)

16mm & Video Art Projects at Indiana University (1994)

Maybe the Sky is Falling (1992)

The Gallery Surreal (1992)

Anything Can, Everything Will (1991)

The Gargoyle (1990)

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