“House of Hope” DVD and Instant Video Now Available at Amazon.com

House of Hope is now available on DVD and Instant Video at Amazon.com. The DVD includes a behind-the-scenes featurette, deleted scenes, and three audio commentary tracks with: writer/director Scott Schirmer; actors Nicole Bruce and Nathan Stanger; and makeup artist Arthur Cullipher and actor Kirk Chastain.

The hour-long movie was shot on mini-DV in 2002 and has gathered a YouTube following over the past several years. The story features a young pregnant couple (Tyler Andrews, Nicole Bruce) who go into labor while driving through the countryside. They stop at the first house they find… and enter into a harrowing experience they may not survive. Kidnapped and tortured by a reclusive woman (Cassandra LePlant) determined to purify their souls, the couple soon realize their only chance of escape lies with the zealot’s young brother (Nathan Stanger), a boy who has never seen the world outside the “House of Hope.”

The DVD is available for $9.99 at both Amazon.com and CreateSpace. Amazon’s Instant Video purchase is only $1.99. If you’re not sure about buying the disc, you can still watch the entire movie for free at YouTube.

One Response to ““House of Hope” DVD and Instant Video Now Available at Amazon.com”
  1. Scott says:

    It took a little while longer than expected, but “House of Hope” is also available at Amazon.com now. It retails for 9.99 and is eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime membership.