Award-Winning “Found” Now on the Festival Circuit!
  • “Found” Wins Big on the Festival Circuit!

    Found made its film festival debut in September 2012 at Elvira’s Horror Hunt. The Mistress of the Dark declared the film “as horror as horror can get” at the awards ceremony in Indianapolis, where the film took home trophies for Best Feature, Best Director, and Best Actor (Ethan Philbeck).

    Since its tremendous launch, Found has won awards at The Phoenix Film Festival, The Nevermore Film Festival, A Night of Horror Film Festival, The Ft. Collins Horror Film Festival, The Madison Horror Film Festival, and The Mad Monster Party Film Festival. It was also an official selection of the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

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Off the Beaten Path

“Off the Beaten Path” Now Available on DVD and Instant Video

“Off the Beaten Path” Now Available on DVD and Instant Video

Off the Beaten Path is now available on DVD and Instant Video at  The gay-themed road trip movie premiered in 2005 at the Bloomington Pride Film Festival and has since been available only on YouTube. The DVD release includes a nine-minute featurette of outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage, as well as a solo audio commentary track by writer/director Scott Schirmer. Off the Beaten Path is a 63-minute documentary-style comedy/drama about three college house mates...